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To anyone who thought partial redirect URL matching in @OAuth_2 is "good enough," read this thread. Complete Periscope account takeover just by viewing a tweet. #oauth

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Cette semaine, la CNIL Irlandaise nous a contacté pour avoir des précisions sur nos plaintes contre Facebook, Microsoft (LinkedIn) et Apple.

L'occasion de faire un point sur nos combats pour la protection des données personnelles et le droit à la vie privée

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Hi everyone!

ForgeFed is a project aiming to define a protocol and a vocabulary for federation of project hosting and collaboration platforms (forges), and get it implemented in the existing forges such as GitLab CE, Gitea and so on.

Federation is based on ActivityPub with some tweaks and new vocabulary :)

I'm working on a demo, implementing federation in a forge called Vervis. Earlier today I deployed 2 test instances for this! More details and links soon :)


So Game of Thrones themed rap is a thing now 🤔

I just wrote my first #OCaml test cases (using alcotest) for my #IndieWeb blog engine \o/ I finally found and fixed the communication issue with honk!

It was indeed a (subtle) bug in my HTTP signature verification.

Finally moving off Travis CI for a self-hosted Drone instance.

Works like a charm for now.

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N'oubliez pas : la semaine prochaine, c'est le vote en séance plénière au Parlement UE sur le règlement de censure antiterroriste.

Utilisez notre page dédiée pour contacter les députés et les avertir du danger de ce texte : par tél., mail ou Twitter.

Nous n'accepterons jamais la censure de masse .

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So, I was playing with a mongo shell and of course I messed up this instance's DB!

I just restored a backup from BlobStash FileTree (directly from my home server), glad to see the process is working :D


BlobStash is your personal database. Contribute to tsileo/blobstash...


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Le règlement antiterroriste vient d'être adopté en commission LIBE.

Il entraînera la destruction des petites plateformes et renforcera Google/Facebook.

L'ensemble des députés devraient voter sur ce texte la semaine prochaine. Appelons-les dès demain.

I finally got an #Espeon on my #Eevee X #Tamagotchi \o/.

This was my third attempt, I was aiming for Espeon or Umbreon (and got Sylveon twice before succeeding).

To summarize this time I:

  • hatched the egg/reset the game at 7:30pm
  • tried to get "average" care, only looked at it 3 times per day (8am, 1pm, before 8pm), and left the light on the last night (the night before it evolved)
  • gave a loooooot of snacks (I'm sure I gave more than 300 snacks in total, both in the morning and in the afternoon, with more snacks in the afternoon)
  • played no games at all


I've just spent 2 hours trying to install the development version of Irmin without any success :'(.

I guess I will wait for a release before using Irmin.Contents.Json and stick with Irmin.Contents.String.


Irmin is a distributed database that follows the same design principles as...


I've finally upgraded my home server to #FreeBSD 11.2 \o/

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The Digest, now on Mastodon
This is way overdue: I'm now posting Digest notes to, a BSD-specific Mastodon server. It's bothered me for a while that I'm autoposting Digest headlines to Twitter, which is useful for Twitter users but still supporting a walled garden.  Mastodon is a better implementation of a similar idea, and nicely groups all sorts… ...

I've finally found an excuse to learn #OCaml, and to use Irmin: I will start an #IndieWeb blog engine.