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holy CRAP check out the hex code colour for wooloo's braids!!!!! i respect only one person and it is whoever designed this #pokemon skjdgkjsdgl

New blog with new design and ActivityPub support

It was absolutely time for bringing a new blog online.
The previous one was already quite outdated when we brought it online but we decided for it anyway because it was simple and free and we didn't have that big server capacities back then.
In the old situation it was a big advantage that it was centralized and hosted for free on MyBlogs servers so we had no trouble with it.
The downsides were the third party ads which ignore your privacy and couldn't be turned off - And for us that we had to rely on a third party we couldn't control.
We learned our lessons when there were some server outages but due to the software being proprietary,there wasn't a quick and easy solutions so we stayed there a little longer and longer and...
After our big success with the #Mastodon client #Halcyon and a growing number of users which could theoretically visit the blog,it was clear that something better would be needed sooner or later.
It's later now and the new and much better and more modern blog is finally online.
It was clear that the next blogging software must be open source and run on our own infrastructure which grow enough to handle all the traffic - At least we hope so,let's try if it's true.
Another of our requirements was the #ActivityPub support because we're doing much in the ActivityPub network so it wouldn't make sense not to have our blog there.
With this requirement the amount of available software wasn't that big anymore: Only Wordpress,Plume,WriteAs and Microblog.pub were left.
The biggest blogging software is #Wordpress but it's totally bloated and nearly every theme includes some third-party shit and ActivityPub support is only available using addons which are still in alpha stage so this one fell out of the decision quite early.
#WriteAs and #Plume are both very cool softwares which are built for ActivityPub Support from the very beginning and they are free of trackers and not that bloated so good choices but they're made for instances with more users what you can see in the way it's built and we think that's great for the big majority but not for our simple and small blog which should just contain some project updates.
Only #MicroblogPub is left at this point and that has been my personal favourite from the point when I first heard about it but when it also made the best points in the direct comparison,it was clear what software we have to use.
Microblog.pub is a single-user blogging software written in #Python which is open source and has only a few dependencies.
In it's original version you can see that it's meant for short posts even if it doesn't have a hardcoded character limit and should be used more in the way of a lightweight,single-user Mastodon instance.
To make it look more like a normal blog,we've rewritten most of the frontend source code using PureCSS which looks modern and isn't that bloated.
We made our modified source code available in the NikisoftBlog NotABug repository to make it easy for other people to run their own ActivityPub based blog.
We hope that you like what we did here and we're happy about comments,bug reports and feature requests in the comments (you can just reply to this post using a ActivityPub supporting software) or in our #NotABug issues.
But when requesting a feature,please keep in mind that this is a low priority project which we mainly do for our own use and as long as we don't attract hundreds of users,it may take some time until feature requests are implemented because we also have to work on our more popular projects.
Like this post?You can also follow this blog now using every ActivityPub compatible software.

There are only two problems in computer science: "How can I make this do that?" and "How can I stop making that do this?"

Where did people get this idea that microblogging is supposed to be unformatted? Twitter didn't invent microblogging; stop using it as your reference point

i think people are really confused about addressing in activitypub, because they have too simple of an explanation.

in AP, addressing is two things:

  • to where the message will be sent

  • who is allowed to view the side effects of processing the message

the second point is actually very important, arguably more important than the first.

if Alice Announces (boosts) a message directly to Bob, then nobody else should be able to see that Announce activity.

This seems like a chilling conversation for Americans:

TIL that Fn-4 (not Fn-F4) will suspend my thinkpad.
@t@a4.io Neat, federation with microblog.pub also seems to work. At least I can see your posts, not sure if you can see mine :)
@https://a4.io nice fix. I knew picking my own key fragment would pay off. :) Ironically, examining little boxes was a great benefit to me when trying to determine how http sigs worked. So thanks for that.

LQDN publie et analyse les docs obtenus auprès de la mairie de Saint-Etienne sur son projet de Safe City.

Micros, drones, application de dénonciation citoyenne... Ils révèlent la ville sous-surveillance telle que fantasmée par son maire, Gaël Perdriau.


And hereby thank you @t for the little-boxes library, it helps an awful lot in understanding what's what.

@t @dev It's great that your microblog is back online.

Last day at Data Theorem. I'll miss you guys.

xpost from birdshite

My team is hiring!! Two people!!!

Come help make the npm cli better, make http://npm.community better, and help break new ground in package management with http://github.com/npm/tink!

* https://jobs.lever.co/npmjs/11bc7130-89fa-4999-a030-892012cdcff3

* https://jobs.lever.co/npmjs/a69b70b9-efbb-45b5-a67e-bfc249849d53

Feel free to DM me Qs!

Hey everyone! The video from my #PyOhio #Python talk, “The modern command-line toolstack: Pipenv, Click, and friends” is now available. I had a lot of fun giving this talk and I hope you enjoy it. 😊 https://archive.org/details/pyohio_2018-The_Modern_CommandLine_Tool_Stack_Pipenv_Click_and_Friends

You can now challenge someone to game of #chess over toots! https://castling.club/ 💪

It's actually a standalone server in the #fediverse, implementing #activitypub all by itself. 😃

This ISP seems to have a payment option for witches? 🌕 #fullmoon

Polished up some of those pixels, and added in some tiled terrain and trees so that the house isn't floating.