@t @dev It's great that your microblog is back online.

Last day at Data Theorem. I'll miss you guys.

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My team is hiring!! Two people!!!

Come help make the npm cli better, make http://npm.community better, and help break new ground in package management with http://github.com/npm/tink!

* https://jobs.lever.co/npmjs/11bc7130-89fa-4999-a030-892012cdcff3

* https://jobs.lever.co/npmjs/a69b70b9-efbb-45b5-a67e-bfc249849d53

Feel free to DM me Qs!

"Ce micro va s'activer quand vous prononcer le mot magique"

Ben non, le micro il est *toujours* actif, sinon il ne pourrait pas détecter le mot magique. 🤦‍


Hey everyone! The video from my #PyOhio #Python talk, “The modern command-line toolstack: Pipenv, Click, and friends” is now available. I had a lot of fun giving this talk and I hope you enjoy it. 😊 https://archive.org/details/pyohio_2018-The_Modern_CommandLine_Tool_Stack_Pipenv_Click_and_Friends

You can now challenge someone to game of #chess over toots! https://castling.club/ 💪

It's actually a standalone server in the #fediverse, implementing #activitypub all by itself. 😃

This ISP seems to have a payment option for witches? 🌕 #fullmoon

Polished up some of those pixels, and added in some tiled terrain and trees so that the house isn't floating.