Finally moving off Travis CI for a self-hosted Drone instance.

Works like a charm for now. Neat, federation with also seems to work. At least I can see your posts, not sure if you can see mine :) It kind of went trough, I think the issue is coming from the webfinger response returning an empty object (my guess is that it's also causing issue with Mastodon).

@t I think it's rather an issue somewhere within my mentions parser, it's not using webfinger if an actor is already known to the server.

@toromino (and Mastodon AFAIK) will try to get your AP Actor URL via Webfinger, and since it's an empty object, it cannot retrieve it (that's why I cannot reply to objects from Kibou, because the mention parser is failing)

@t Kibou does support webfinger though (as Mastodon has a hard dependency on webfinger) I only see an empty object (and even here: ), where as (and Mastodon) is expecting a link (rel=self) with your AP actor URL.

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